Moodus, Connecticut Chicken Hatchery

Here on the Cameron Family Farm we have built our very own Connecticut hatchery and continue to improve and grow it.  We hatch and brood our poultry right on the farm and import new birds all the time to test the market and keep a wide variety available for our customers.


Pullets, Cockerels, and Broilers

Pullets are female Chickens that are at least 20 weeks old and have begun or are about to begin laying eggs but have not moulted.  These birds are typically purchased for the purpose of having fresh eggs in your back yard.  Cockerels are male chickens at least 20 weeks old, while sometimes purchased for pets or back yard flock protectors they often become broilers.  Broiler is a term used to describe birds raised for meat purposes be it either female or male.

Our broiler chickens are typically extra cockerels of standard breeds such as New Hampshire Red and Rhode Island Red since the hens are retained for egg laying.  We have begun breeding our own cross and also raise the heritage Dark Cornish birds specifically for broiler purposes.  We do not breed or supply commercial broilers like the Cornish Cross associated with artificial insemination and factory farming.


Heritage Turkeys

We currently have a small breeding stock of Narragansett turkeys and look forward to poults in the spring of 2013!  The Narragansett Turkey is a breed which descends from a cross between the Eastern Wild Turkey and the domestic turkey brought to Colonial America by English and other European colonists beginning in the 17th century. According to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, the Narragansett Turkey is a "historic variety, unique to North America" and is named for Narragansett Bay Rhode Island.


Hatching & Importing

We currently have many varieties of poultry bred and hatched here on the farm however as we look to better serve our customers and expirement on poultry to breed we do import birds from other hatcheries.  Poultry varieties that prove popular end up on our breeding list and get a permanent home here on the farm, birds that only sell marginally well or are brought in to test the market are imported.  Poultry with differnet prices for sexed or strait run are hatched here, anything with a flat price is imported.  If you are unsure which is which please feel free to ask, if there is anything special you would like to see let us know and we will see when we can bring some in for you.


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