Cameron Family Farm Will Be Closing  

It is with a truly heavy sadness I must announce the permanent closure of Cameron Family Farm effective August 16th.  Unfortunately doing a complete reboot in the middle to the end of the season was very labor intensive and expensive.  The early season family turmoils caused us to miss the busy sales season and a complete reboot, relocation, and buildout was almost like making a new startup out of our 6 year old farm.
We were unable to secure the other half of the funding we needed to complete the project and set us up for a successful 2015.  We could not find a loan or grant, and even KickStarter failed miserably.  I greatly misjudged the value of our project over anothers quest to make potato salad.  Attempting to hobble along in the current limbo state would only damage the farm, my family, and its name.
We will wait until the kickstarter clock has run out, though with only a few days left I doubt a substantial change in position. KickStarter will refund all backers when the project ends.  I have decided to post the announcement now so there are no surprises to anyone come August and to ensure a smooth shutdown.
Once KickStarter is concluded any remaining inventory will be sold out for 50% off for the week of  8/12 - 8/15.  All birds, including those being held for replacement breeders will also be sold, any livestock remaining will go to auction the following Monday.  All incubators, hatchery supplies, brooders, and other equipment will also be sold.
I want all of our supporters and backers to know your support has meant a great deal to us and we are truly honored by all of the friends, family, and customers who backed us.  We have had a lot of great memories over the years and we will have those to cherish for years to come.  
The farm will be officially closed on 8/16/2014 and will not reopen.  If you have any pending credits or gift certificates please contact me directly.
I have bothered everyone quite enough through email, facebook, and twitter.  This will be my last large scale message.
Thank you again, best of wishes to you all and a special thanks to my girls for putting up with my crazy to make the project video.